Monday, 31 August 2009


I have actually had complaints that there aren't enough cats! so, here are a few picture of my gorgeous Birman boy, Toby.

He has the most gorgeous face I think you will agree.
On this photo you can see his beautiful tail which is quite magnificent.
He is such a softy and when you say his name he just has to rub his head up anything and everything on his way to you!  All the cats love this scratching post and it is absolutely ancient.  John made it many years ago when he had to take out a floor joist in our old house when he moved the loft hatch.  It is ready to be recovered as you can tell.
He loves his little cubes and will play in them for hours.  Because the material is only thin he can see through and likes to lie in wait for Willow or Oscar to walk past then he jumps out at them.  He has a mad hour or so every evening charging in and out.  Because they are so light and his tail so big when he does run out he quite often takes the cube with him!


Bea said...

handsome boy

Mole said...

You have cats called Willow and Osca?!! So do I!!! We also have a two other - Neilsen and Scampy!